Three Quarterback Options, Zero or One Starters for Buffalo Bills

Every current Buffalo Bills quarterback has the chance to seize an amazing opportunity.  We merely need one to realize it. Starters at every other non-right tackle position are settled for good reason, as the widespread supremacy of talent is unquestioned.  Continue reading

Depth Perception: Evaluating the Strength of the Bills Roster

The 2014 Buffalo Bills are poised to field a roster that could be their most talented since their last playoff appearance back in 1999.  It’s a team that has proven Pro Bowlers (four in all) and a lot of young Continue reading

Projecting Buffalo’s Wide Receiver Stats

Ryan Talbot, Billsmafia Editor-in-Chief, recently posted on the website how chemistry between second year Bills quarterback EJ Manuel and his receivers is going to be critical to the offense’s overall success. Even though it will be a key component, I Continue reading

Receivers vs. Linemen: What’s the Best Way to Help a Young QB

With the ninth overall selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills are probably going to select a player that will help second year quarterback EJ Manuel improve his play. With that said, what type of player is necessary Continue reading