Success Seems Closer Than Ever For Buffalo Bills In 2015 NFL Season

Rex Ryan is 0-0 with the Buffalo Bills.  LeSean McCoy has gained zero yards for them.  And Sammy Watkins has to wait months before he can test his hip when it counts.  The inability to prove anything is not quite their Continue reading

2015 NFL Draft: To No Surprise, Buffalo Bills Seem Ready to Deal

Who will the Buffalo Bills draft at 50th?  Or maybe before? Or maybe after?  The ability of NFL teams to exchange resources complicates everything.  Guesses about who they’ll add is challenging enough before general managers start trading.  The difficulty is Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Making a Big Deal Out of Change

I can’t wait any longer to post this, so the Buffalo Bills may have traded someone between clicking “submit” and the page loading.  This franchise keeps Wikipedia editors busy by its willingness to alter its list of employees.  Jerry Hughes Continue reading