Chemistry is Key for EJ Manuel and WRs in 2014

Offensively, chemistry is key to Buffalo’s possible success in 2014. Last season, EJ Manuel struggled to find chemistry with many of his receivers. Injuries to Manuel and the wide receiver corps certainly played a part in this, but Manuel only had Continue reading

How Will Sammy Watkins Do in Year One?

Offensive rookies in the NFL don’t usually make an immediate impact. This is especially true with the wide receiver position as it takes time to develop chemistry with a QB and learn the nuances of the playbook or routes in Continue reading

The Buffalo Bills’ Game of Risk

Have you ever played the game Risk? I was obsessed with the game for a short time in my teenage years. In case you’re unaware of the game, Risk is a strategy game where your goal is to take over territories on the game Continue reading

Robert Woods: The Reason Stevie Johnson was Traded

After the Buffalo Bills traded up from their ninth selection to fourth overall to grab Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins, speculation began on if and when Stevie Johnson would be moved. The speculation and rumors didn’t last long as Johnson Continue reading

8 Takeaways from NFL Draft Weekend

Hackett coordinated Syracuse's offense almost exactly as his father did roughly 30 years prior. (Photo by US PRESSWIRE)

With the NFL draft now complete and the Bills underway in signing undrafted free agents, one can now look at all the moves that were made and start to draw some conclusions about what this team is going to look Continue reading

BillsMafia Buffalo Bills Draft Recap

Anthony Marino and Ryan Talbot got together to discuss Buffalo’s 2014 draft class. The BillsMafia Buffalo Bills draft recap has something for all Bills fans. Hear Anthony and Ryan’s thoughts on trading up, adding Sammy Watkins to their talented wide Continue reading