Buffalo’s Draft Strategy is Based on Statistics

I’ve taken a few looks at the 2014 NFL Draft; both the prospects and the needs of the Bills have been discussed. From wide receivers to offensive linemen, I thought I covered all the positions of need. Then I looked at some Continue reading

Dylan Stebbins’ Post-Free Agency Mock Draft

A lot of teams and pundits will tell two big falsities leading up to the draft: free agency doesn’t impact draft decision making and teams don’t draft for need. Those are two huge lies. Teams ignore need when there’s an Continue reading

#MafiaMailbag: Draft Needs, Free Agency and More!

The #MafiaMailbag is back! Earlier today, I asked fans on Twitter if they had any Bills questions. I won’t sit here and claim to be a Bills expert, but I’m certainly more than happy to share my opinion on all Continue reading

The Samuelson Slant: Wide Eyed for Wide Receivers

What seems like forever ago, I wrote my NFL Draft Wish List and promised to follow up by making a case for the different positions I wanted to see drafted. This post will be the first of those articles, as Continue reading

The Samuelson Slant: 2014 NFL Draft Wish List

A wise man once said “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find… you get what you need.” That man was Mick Jagger of course, in one of “The Rolling Stones” more Continue reading