Tyrod Taylor Hopes for Membership in Exclusive Buffalo Bills Club

New Buffalo Bills starter Tyrod Taylor wants to be an exception.  There haven’t been many successes at the position he’s staffing.  Buffalo Bills quarterbacks who have led teams to the playoffs or at least been exciting to watch are as Continue reading

Buffalo Bills’ EJ Manuel Gets One More Chance

There’s so much time for speculation about careers that are over so quickly.  The offseason’s endlessness is why the NFL should heed my proposal to triple the season’s length.  Short of an awesome 48-game schedule where new games gloriously begin Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Offseason Moves Take Pressure Off QB Position

The Buffalo Bills have created a new position.  Inventing a novel football role is natural during an era of stunning transformation.  With so many changes, they may as well alter the job description of the guy behind center.  In Orchard Continue reading