Founding Sponsors

Big thanks to to the producers of Almost a Dynasty, who provided DVDs for sponsorship packages!
A big thanks to to the producers of Almost a Dynasty, who provided DVDs for sponsorship packages!

Below is a listing of all those who have purchased Founding Sponsorships.

Without their generous contributions there is no way we would be able to pay for the costs incurred with filing to become a true non-profit organization.

If you purchased a sponsorship and do not see your name below, it’s an honest oversight! Please contact Del (@mrdeadlier) and he’ll address it immediately.

@jpq1999 and @RQUINN619
Dave Levinthal
Benjamin James Hunt, Jr.
Ethan Duthe
Mark Malmud
Richard Kimmich
Shane Prouty
Chris LaBarte
Christopher Garbarino
Buffalo Soup-Fest
Brett Arias
Frank Clark
Del Reid
Matt Barden
Tony Fucci
Sean D. Green
Pat Ruffino
Jim Kauderer
Robyn “Wyo” Mundy
Hammer’s Lot
Chris Cuevas
1derful Films, producers of Almost a Dynasty
Christopher and Liz Sugar
Justin Sanderson

GOLD ($50)
Mathew Biondolillo
Sven Heidmann
David Salmon
Tony Viti
Shaun Castle
Megan Sawyer-Sythe
Nicholas Zelko
Billy Kingdollar
Scott McInnis
Bob Gloyd
Matt Bolszio
Kevin Higgins
Nelson Picanco
Shane Bilton
Queen City Sports
Ryan Norton
Michael J. Thomas
George Kovach
Jeff Madigan
Bills Backers of Ithaca
Michael Zink

SILVER ($25)
Jason P. Marrow
Patrick Kimmell
Shawn Murphy
Sean Ryan
Alex Castanon
Matt Snow
Mr. NO the Balloon Guy
Harriet Share
Joshua Compitello
Thomas Reid
Matthew Wisiorek
Ernesto Padilla
Heidi Smythe
Richard Quodomine
Ashley Petty
Buffalo Wing Wear
Quinn White
Rikus Linschoten
Tammy Boglione
Dan Panton
Santiago Meardi
Joe Hanover
Brian Coger
Joe Banker
Patrick Donaldson
Matt Hupp
Sean Kennedy
Alex Montes
Patrick Oleskey
Ryan Oxley
Bryan Acoff
Andrew Gardler
Andrew “Tack” Muniz
Matthew Eck
Danny Wicket
Craig Davis
Cory Plummer
Jeremy Galton
Derwin M. Neasman Sr.
Nick Olivieri
Lindsey Mullen
Patrick Long

BRONZE ($10)
Ryan Hardardt
Dan and Sonja Bienias
Timothy Gough
Andrew Isaac
Dennis Smith
Glenn Goodwin & Emily Williams

John Dolan

6 Replies to “Founding Sponsors”

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  3. First time on this new site for me. I have followed the Bills since they joined the AFL back in 1960.

    My hope is that the Bills will turn things around and start winning.

    We were a 35 year season ticket holders before we moved to Florida. Thanks for this site!

  4. Lets bring pancho billa home for our opener against san diego…if we have to bills mafia cld strt a go fund raise cash to bring him here..we cld present him w an original ..bills mafia”.t shirt..and no 1 fan award of some type..big tailgate etc…nick piazza.7164401747..345 n.park.buff ny 14216

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