Disrespect As A Motivator For Western New Yorkers To Rally Behind Their Sports Teams


Just when you think that the rest of the country was finally starting to wise up about pigeon-holing Western New York (WNY) as the armpit of the east, the ignorant hecklers gleefully pile on when the region gets hit with Continue reading

Message From An Old Buffalo Bills Fan In Wyoming: Embrace the Big Picture


I’m writing this as the first blizzard of the season unleashes its fury around northern Wyoming on a cold Monday morning in November. It somehow seems suitable that after the Bills heart wrenching loss to the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday Continue reading

The Intangibles: Doug Marrone And His Obfuscation Proclamations

Doug Marrone is noticeably tired and stressed.

Does Doug Marrone honestly think anyone buys his blarney during media sessions about not understanding medicalese? How he can say with a straight face in the same sentence two diametrically opposed statements and consistently get away with it in the Continue reading

The Intangibles: Kyle Orton’s Disruptive Influence On Team Chemistry

Kyle Orton's experience is critical to a Bills playoff push.

A year ago, most Bills fans probably wouldn’t have thought much about Kyle Orton as a possible catalyst for grinding out greater consistency on the Bills offense. Last Halloween, we were barely into the ‘EJ era’, hoping that Manuel would Continue reading

Message To Bills Fans: Savor This Moment

Courtesy ForgottenBuffalo.com

There are few events in our lives that rock our world in a good way. Most “epic moments” involve horrible things like the assassination of a President, or planes flying into skyscrapers, government agencies, and into the ground by heroes Continue reading