The Intangibles: The Relationship Between Analytics And Creativity In The NFL

Doug Marrone (Photo by David Duprey/AP)

Humans have a tendency to sort data in their brains into opposing categories; this or that, up or down, right or left, etc. This proclivity to do so shows in the most basic ways how binary thinking can restrict creativity Continue reading

A Step Off: Rhythm Still Lacking On Buffalo Bills Offense


After watching the Jets nearly stick it to the Patriots in a last second field goal attempt on Thursday evening, I was struck by the contrast in the ‘tale of two quarterbacks’. On the green team, there was Geno Smith, Continue reading

Message To Bills Fans: Savor This Moment


There are few events in our lives that rock our world in a good way. Most “epic moments” involve horrible things like the assassination of a President, or planes flying into skyscrapers, government agencies, and into the ground by heroes Continue reading