Astro’s “Pick Six”

It’s just too early to look at 400 draftable college players, right?? I empathize with you. As of this writing, the fans of 8 undefeated teams –including my Bills– should care less about draft needs and “Process” guys. You’re content Continue reading Astro’s “Pick Six”

Astro’s Bills Mock Draft – September Edition

We’ve seen what we have against a mixed-bag Jets team. We’ll see better offensive lines, but we may not see better D-Lines or Safeties than we did in Week 1. While the Bills OL had trouble getting Dion Dawkins’ train Continue reading Astro’s Bills Mock Draft – September Edition

AstroNotes: Bills Practice 5

It’s AstroNotes spotter Joe Reagan’s birthday today. He turns LorAx years old. I can’t go to lunch after practice, because (1) I’m obliged to write these notes, and (2) Lawnmower Man is coming at noon to fix my John Deere Continue reading AstroNotes: Bills Practice 5

Astro-Notes: Camp Punchlist

I’m planning on attending all of the Bills’ St. John Fisher practices this year. I’ll be claiming my perch at the far end of the bleachers, top row, with my BillsMafia bucket hat and clipboard, and writing up each practice. Continue reading Astro-Notes: Camp Punchlist