Michael Jordan and McDermott’s Process

I’ve been watching The Last Dance on ESPN.   It’s the ten-part documentary about Michael Jordan’s career.  It’s a great collection of behind-the-scenes film over Jordan’s years with the Bulls, with plenty of candid comments from Jordan and others about his Continue reading Michael Jordan and McDermott’s Process

Stefon Diggs completely changes Bills’ offense

It’s difficult to overstate the significance of the Buffalo Bills having acquired Stefon Diggs.    Diggs is a legitimate #1 receiving threat.   He’s one of those guys the defense has to account for on every play.   You lose Diggs and Continue reading Stefon Diggs completely changes Bills’ offense


The Bills lost to the Houston Texans Saturday, 22-19 in the AFC Wildcard game.  I’m numb, and I’ve already forgotten much of the game. I’d rather be numb than begin studying the game in detail, watching replays and analyzing players Continue reading ALL PART OF THE PROCESS

Patriots Do What Patriots Do

The Rockpile Review is about the Buffalo Bills, but the story of Saturday’s showdown in Foxboro, with the AFC East championship on the line, was the Patriots – again.  The Bills have a roster full of committed men, intense competitors, Continue reading Patriots Do What Patriots Do

December Football

December football is different. It’s intense. There’s an urgency about it that’s missing from the games earlier in the NFL season.  It happens every season. Fifteen or twenty teams are competing for a spot in the playoffs, or for home field advantage. Continue reading December Football

The Answer

As the 2019 season has progressed, one question has puzzled football fans around the country and Bills fans in particular:  Are the Bills actually a good football team, or have they simply been playing a schedule full of cupcake opponents? Okay, Continue reading The Answer

Buffalo Bills are Cruisin’

The Bills cruised to 20-3 win over the Denver Broncos Sunday, moving to 8-3 and leaving their fans pinching themselves in disbelief. Eight and three?  The Buffalo Bills fans around the country may still be discounting that record, or ignoring Continue reading Buffalo Bills are Cruisin’