Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Miami Pregame Report

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So this is where the rubber meets the road for the Bills this season. Lose this game at Miami and BillsMafia will self destruct in less than five seconds. We’ve spent all season wondering if this team is for real this year and now we will get to find out.

Because if the Bills lose this game to the Dolphins, they will be outed… as the improving but not quite ready for prime time team the national media portrays them to be. The choice is theirs. Go out and show that you’re not a fraud at 6-3 and get to 7-3, or fuel the meltdown that will occur if they go 6-4.

I’ll pass on all the “this is a game they should win” crap and get to the point. OneBuffalo has consequences, one of which happens when one team (the Sabres) come out smoking and then proceed to gain one point out of the last possible 12.

When one team fails, the effect is bad enough. When both teams fail to perform at the same time, the cumulative result is even worse. The collective soul of WNY lies with the fortunes (and mostly misfortunes) of both these teams, and no one portrayed it better than our friend Vincent Gallo in the movie Buffalo 66.

Fans of the Bills and Sabres are in no mood right now to be joyous by either team’s winning record at the moment. We are so triggered by seasons like the Bills’ 2008 fiasco going 5-1 and missing the playoffs that there’s no more “giving the benefit of the doubt” left to be shared at the moment.

The Sabres come out this season and looked terrific, only to drop six games in a row (an OT loss is still a loss IMO). After last season’s 10 game winning streak followed by taking the rest of the season off, fans are in no mood for platitudes. Rightfully so.

The Bills surprised us by winning six out of their first eight games. However, they didn’t do so in a very convincing fashion and how they play on Sunday is pivotal to what the mood is going to be like around Thanksgiving tables in WNY when they face the Cowboys on national TV..

Yes, the Bills are 6-3 and we should rejoice. Or, we should wait and see what Sunday brings, because good teams should be hitting their stride by Week 11. They also shouldn’t lose to an inferior team.

Understandably, the Godmothers are at their wits end about this upcoming game in Miami. Here they are, in their own words… and it isn’t pretty.

This is what the Bills do to us. Photo from medialifecrisis.com.

We might as well get started with our songstress Godmother @BILLieve88 because she’s about ready to unload a dump truck of shade if the Bills don’t get their act together. She certainly didn’t have anything to sing about last Sunday.

Will the 6-3 Buffalo Bills beat the 2-7 Miami Dolphins? They Better! Miami is allowing 244.9 passing yards (19th) and 146.1 rushing yards (30th) a game.

If the Bills offense can’t move the ball and score enough points to win the game on this defense, we have bigger problems than we all thought! It is time for Josh Allen to silence his critics by having a big day. I’d like to see at least 3 passing TD’s and zero turnovers. 

This game should also give John Brown and Cole Beasley an opportunity to have a big day as well. Tyler Kroft: Fish Filleter needs to happen because I don’t see where he has earned his spot on the roster.

Finally on offense, WE NEED TO GET MOTOR SINGLETARY THE BALL! Period! On defense, the Bills need to force Ryan Fitzpatrick into a couple turnover situations; and Tre’Davious White needs to have another stellar performance shutting down DeVante Parker.

This should be a bounce-back game for the run defense because Miami has had a hard time running the ball and a lot has changed since their first matchup. I would like to see the defense score some points off turnovers and Ed Oliver to step up and get his first real sack. The Bills must win this game to avoid being dubbed the biggest pretenders of 2019. 

Is this what we can expect at the Thanksgiving dinner table if the Bills lose? Photo from metacafecom.

Our Godmother who will be attending the game in Miami @AshleyPetty_ doesn’t hold back about what she wants to see out of this game.

Looking out into the dreary snowy tarmac as this is being written, can’t help but be reminded of the dreary performance seen last week by the Bills offense. 

It seems as though Sean McDermott attempted to light a fire in his offense this week, telling them to play “fearless”. This quote shows McDermott recognizes they were playing scared last week- especially on the last drive. 

Ever since the Patriots came to town, Josh Allen almost seems scared to throw the ball (or get it intercepted) and it’s not to say that isn’t normal with it being his sophomore season. Allen needs to get more comfortable and progress through his reads quicker, and hopefully his offensive line can help with allowing him more time for that. 

On the other hand, the defense had an INCREDIBLE goal line stand, held the Browns to 19 points, and Tre’Davious White held Odell Beckham Jr. to just five receptions and 57 yards. This defense still has not allowed any receiver 100 yard game. There are still some weak spots on this unit, but they’ve done a phenomenal job to this point.

As for Miami, they’re starting to see success. It didn’t seem like they’d go 0-16 but they are finding ways to win and have two weeks in a row. Should this make Bills fans nervous? A little. But honestly this Bills team should be able to roll past this floundering Dolphins team. 


Play with Confidence- Mentioned earlier how McDermott told his team to play fearless. If you’re going to make a mistake, make it loud. Take some shots downfield. 


Offensive line– We saw flashes of solidity from this line last week, where Allen had a clean pocket and time to read the field and the receivers had time to get open. Once that’s happening more consistently, Allen will be able to be more confident in what he sees and make the passes we know he’s able to. 

Defense watch the run– the Dolphins only have ~580 rush yards on the season compared to their opponents ~1,300 yards. Don’t be that team to make the opposing team’s RB look like a Pro Bowler. 

Manage the clock better– The last drive from last week stood out in a bad way. Buffalo stood there for a solid 30+ seconds with one timeout left, trying to figure out what to do on 3rd and 4. And STILL the call was misunderstood by the receiver. Manage the last drive better time-wise especially when the game is on the line.

Not sure if Brian Daboll comes out with a high tempo offense this week or not, but hopefully he can slow it down and give the offense time to process everything and get the defense a rest. 


Though last week’s game felt like the sky is falling, the Bills still are more put together than the Dolphins. Hopeful about the offense this week- Bills 27-Dolphins 17.

It’s always good to take a deep breath before entering Thanksgiving dinner at any home in Buffalo, especially when the Bills are playing on national TV. Photo by mikeatthemovies.blogspot.com.

Thankfully, our one-eyed Godmother @Bills_Chick kept it short and sweet.

Sean McDermott got mad at a press conference.  He needed to.  The Bills need a sound victory against the Dolphins.  They need the offense to perform well. 

If they don’t, well, the season is basically over.  Not a lot else to say.  Get it done Bills!  I’m going to be optimistic and pick the Bills to win this, 33-14.

[Editor’s note: It could be worse. She could have spouted off all the DVOA stuff.]

The fun never stops when the Bills and Sabres are losing. Makes us all cranky. Photo from medialifecrisis.com.

At least our Godmother of Objectivity @KrystleNoel1128 didn’t go off the rails completely.

Dolphins week, take 2.

After last week’s loss we really need something to be cheerful about, so I have my fingers crossed we come out of Miami with a win.  The last time we met this team,  they were still hungry for a win. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick had just taken the helm, and in true Fitzmagic form, he kept his team in the game, passing for almost 300 yards.Like everyone else, I was almost positive they were tanking, but apparently that’s not the case. 

Note to all teams:  if you would like to tank effectively, do not sign Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

Some key points for this week:

The run defense is still questionable.  Please let this be the week that Leslie Frazier has worked out the kinks. I also want to see a bounce back week for Levi Wallace.  He was picked on against the Browns and could really use a good game to recover. 

The offense needs to show some life.  I miss the Josh Allen from the beginning of the season. Yes, the turnovers were awful, but as a whole the offense was at least fun then.  I want to see more of Devin Singletary and Brian Daboll NEEDS to balance out the play-calling.

Oh Stephen Hauschka. I hope this game doesn’t rely on field goals to win.  But either way,  I hope he shakes whatever has been plaguing him. Last year after the cheap shot during the Jets game, his play was less than stellar,  but at what point do we get to feel confident in our kicker again.

And finally, LEE SMITH, PLEASE STOP COMMITTING PENALTIES! He’s become a straight drive killer and if that’s the case,  what’s the point?  Maybe it’s time to bench him for Tommy Sweeney and let the rookie play. 

Although it’s JUST the Dolphins, they are coming off a win against the Colts, a team that many see as a possible AFC South division winner. We should be going in there with a chip on our shoulder, this game absolutely matters! 

Those of you lucky enough to attend this game,  make sure Fitzpatrick and his fish know you’re there!

Go Bills! 

This is the look you will get if you dare to suggest the Bills might lose to the Phins on Sunday. Photo from dailymotion.com.

Even our good natured Godmother @celestealbone is at the end of her rope.

Well… Apparently Sean McDermott told his team to be fearless so let’s see if the Bills’ play-calling gets better for this game. The Dolphins gave the Bills a tough fight last time.

I hope we start Kevin Johnson opposite Tre rather than Levi. Maybe that could light a fire under Levi’s Wallace’s ***. 

It’s been a few weeks now so Ryan Fitzpatrick should turn into ‘Bad Fitz’ soon in his cycle of quarterbacking. Luckily there will be tons of Bills fans at the game, so hopefully that’ll help pump up the players. 

I’d like to see a defensive score other than a safety. I’d like to see less holding penalties on Lee Smith and I’d like to see Devin Singletary have a big game. 

Make twitter bearable again, boys. Please. 

I think we can still squeak out a win. 

Editor’s babble: I pray for the sake of BillsMafia’s mental well-being the Bills win this game on Sunday. Thanks to the Godmothers for their terrific contributions to our blog. You can find me burning up my rosary beads on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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  1. Excellent article….. Fitz has played 3 good games in a row–his M.O. says he is due for a clunker. It is time to unleash the pass rush and let Josh wing it… He looks like he has been playing in fear of turnovers instead of playing his all out game..

    He must be reading the Bills mafia site or shall I say the Whinafia site as all they do is bitch and moan!!

    Bills 31 Phins 20