This Bills regime is hitting it out of the park

Photo of Ezra Castro ‘PanchoBilla’ at the 2018 NFL Draft from

Finally. After decades of futility searching for the right front office, the Bills FINALLY found the right front office to take this franchise from the toilet in the basement to the penthouse suite.

There, I wrote it. Feel free to blast me with this blog post if the Bills end up firing Beane & Co.

If you consider winning the ONLY metric of success for a franchise, I’m way too early with this insane proclamation. But what else would you expect from me?

Time will tell whether the culturists I’ve been begging for will convert the ‘kumbaya’ strategy into an NFL championship. Just like time will tell whether Josh Allen will continue to grow into a successful NFL quarterback.

Furthermore, we do still have to wait a couple years before declaring Brandon Beane a draft guru. It’s too soon for the analytics to validate what my gut already tells me. The sample size is too small and not enough time has passed to place a valid grade on any Beane directed draft.

But I think in time we will see that Beane is a methodical man who has a system in place that will serve the Bills well for years to come.

All of this stated, BillsMafia also has other reasons to celebrate bringing the right people to the Bills’ front office. Consider how this franchise has embraced Ezra “PanchoBilla” Castro, a passionate member of BillsMafia in the fight for his life right now.

Ezra is valiantly battling cancer and the Bills not only took notice, they continue to embrace PanchoBilla and his family as they battle a foe far more daunting than any NFL football team. This would have never happened under any other regime at One Bills Drive.

That Kim and Terry Pegula continue to bring together the right people to guide their Bills franchise is a testimony to their dedication in bringing an NFL championship to Buffalo. But it’s also been addition by subtraction because of how clearly the philosophy of inclusion regarding the fan base has radically altered how business is done at One Bills Drive.

In the past, fans were mostly viewed as a resource to extract money from. Of course there were the perfunctory nods given to stoke the flames of passion by bringing in big name players, many who were already past their prime.

Often in unspoken ways we were made to feel as if we should just be grateful the team wasn’t being moved every time fans would dare to expect a winning product on the field. That threat never abated until the Pegulas bought the team and put that fear out of our heads once and for all.

With a change in leadership at the top of the “corporate chain” as well as other areas of the front office, BillsMafia has now truly become the “12th person”. Now this regime feels our pain and isn’t afraid to acknowledge how important it is to get players in Buffalo who want to be there and win a championship for a fan base that is unlike any other in sports.

So feel free to take this blog post and shove it in my face if this regime fails to bring BillsMafia a Lombardi Trophy at some point. I’m old, but I can take the heat.

I’m just tickled pink the Bills have finally embraced the importance of creating the right culture in the building and INCLUDING their passionate fan base in every sense of the word. If you’ve been a long-suffering Bills fan, then don’t miss this opportunity to savor every step along the way.

Now it’s time for Jason Botterill to step up to the plate and begin to do the same with the Sabres. No pressure, of course.

Editor’s babble: Also, no apologies from me about my unabashed support for McBeane & Co. and what they have done to transform the culture at One Bills Drive. It’s no secret I’ve yearned for the previous front office to be cleared out over a decade ago. Now you’re seeing exactly why there was a 17 year playoff drought. Addition by subtraction. If you can stand the optimism, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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3 Replies to “This Bills regime is hitting it out of the park”

  1. “AMEN” !! Robyn the karma has changed, the Bills are heading in the right direction—management know it, the players , know it, the fans now it and soon the media and the league will know it…

    Many times it is hard to digest what the negative fans are saying on the websites as are they not understanding and seeing the improvements… They have the fast food mentality of “I want a winner now or fire the management and start over” .. they just don’t get it ! The whole vibe feels different with this team and the management, I just know we are going to be perennial contenders.

    As far as the Pats, once we beat them it will be like the Miami days when we lost 20 straight–Kelly and company started beating them on a regular basis and Miami couldn’t stand it. The same will happen with the Pats and we will hear that Brady is past his prime.

  2. I am so glad that you wrote what many of Billsmafia feels. I have been a positive and loyal fan, since the ’70s, and I have defended everyone involved with the administration and team since then. With those running and playing for our team now, I know my love and loyalty are well-deserved, rather than just gained, because they represent our team. Love every line you wrote! These are people with the Buffalo heart and integrity, and they are embracing a bond with all of us.