Life doesn’t go according to script for Bills fans

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We love a big story when the good guys win in the end. Many of us were raised to believe that if we worked hard enough and did enough of the right things, eventually we would be rewarded. The question for Buffalo Bills fans again today is whether or not the successful end to our story (an NFL championship) will come before we either give up or die.

Just when you think the Bills have run out of novel ways to lose, they find a real doozy to add to their repertoire of disasters and lose to the Texans in spectacular fashion, 20-13 at NRG Stadium on Sunday. Josh Allen regresses, gets injured and Nathan Peterman throws not ONE but TWO interceptions to lose the game for the Bills. Again.

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After watching another soul-sucking loss by the Bills in only what can be described without swearing as losing in dramatic fashion – I’m left asking myself – why do I continue to do this to myself? What on earth can be gained from continuing to watch a team determined to find new ways to torture its fan base?

Stubborn or persistent?

Is it because we are stubborn and refuse to accept having spent a significant amount of our personal passion and resources on what has been ultimately to date a losing cause? Or, do we believe if we just hang in there long enough by sheer random occurrence of the universe, success will drop down from the sky?

Whatever you believe, if you’re a Bills fan today, you’re probably getting that familiar mid-October feeling of impending doom. The names have changed and the story features a variety of tragedies, but the outcome remains the same. The Bills are the laughingstock of the NFL and this week it’s time to roast Nathan Peterman again.

Sometimes humor really is the only key to survival.

So where are we to go from here? Some find comfort in analyzing the numbers and finding ways to make the best of the situation moving forward. Others shrug their shoulders and realize it’s just a game and go about their business. I find solace living in the wilderness in Wyoming.

The bottom line is we will all soldier on and somehow get through the week. The only thing that makes this feeling of despair go away is another game and hopefully a better outcome. The best thing we can do is be a little kinder to each other, which can be a challenge, especially on social media.

Seems there’s little to gain from piling hostility on one another when most of us have little or no control over what ultimately happens at One Bills Drive. So whether Peterman stays or Peterman goes, or Josh Allen progresses or ultimately fails, the outcome isn’t something most people reading this can have direct impact on one way or the other.

Also, I’ve found it helpful over the years to detach my sense of self from anything outside myself. OK, I realize I’m straying into ‘wyobabble’ here, but please bear with me. From my warped view of the world, we can control how and what we choose to think about.

It’s my choice to spend my emotional resources wherever I wish. Is it a wise investment to devote the energy it takes to get angry on the performance of a football team I don’t physically play for?  When the Bills find a new way to fail with flair, I cope by deflecting my emotions and becoming analytical. What we are we supposed to learn from this latest example of failure?

Ultimately, usually I end up right where I’m at today, realizing that whatever the Buffalo Bills do or don’t do on the field on Sundays doesn’t change my hope that someday I’ll be around to watch them actually succeed at winning a Lombardi trophy. It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than that, does it?

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5 Replies to “Life doesn’t go according to script for Bills fans”

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  2. when the brain trust for the Bills looked at this years draft, the number one goal for this year was beefing up the D. And did they ever. Now they start on the O side of the ball. It’s obvious that Shady is not 100%. I’m wondering what goes through his mind with all the trade told & the team trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt more

  3. What do you mean, Allen regressed? I think Allen’s doing fine. He needs to keep playing, piling up minutes. He’s making good judgments on the field, he’s running the team, he isn’t turning it over. He runs. He passes. His deep completions to Benjamin Sunday beautifully thrown balls.

    I really like the guy.

    • Hi Mark,

      I really like him too, obviously (he played at Wyoming). Regress was the wrong choice of words. What I saw on Sunday was arguably a lack of progress but I didn’t have the advantage of being there watching the game. Allen looked more tentative than in previous weeks to my long distance eye. The pass to Benjamin was a thing of beauty. Now I just hope that UCL injury won’t dog him in the long run. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks at QB.

  4. Repeat after me….it is just a game….it is just a game! And it is still better than the 70’s were…
    Oh and at least younare not surrounded by Pats fans…just sayin…lol