Moving On Up As Buffalo Bills Seek to Draft Earlier

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Try catching up on Netflix while simultaneously reading to remember nothing from either.  We possess finite capabilities, which is why trying to do too many things at once leads to zero progress.  The Buffalo Bills have to focus and address their biggest need for 20 years or so, a span which you probably noticed has included zero playoff wins.

Get your quarterback now.  Or, at least nab him earlier than presently scheduled.  Hoping one falls is like Ted’s trying to sell celery stalks in hot dog rolls.  It’s time to offer something substantial.

Maneuvering to get the franchise’s first choice for quarterback is the most important transaction this club could make.  Yes, their innumerable draft picks could create depth on a team presently wading in a puddle.  Yet it’ll mean nothing without a star at the most obvious place.  Three nickels don’t equal a quarter.

The selections it’ll cost to position themselves read like a lottery drawing.  But the potential jackpot is too enticing.  The traded picks won’t equal one franchise passer.  Brandon Beane just needs to avoid Eric Lindros-type deals. The Bills can move up without handing Colorado two titles.

Buffalo may need to patch holes next year.  The Bills will technically have 22 starters even if some may not be up to our rigorous internet commenter standards.  But this was already going to be a transitional season.  Having a quarterback worthy of surrendering assets would make the delay in completing the roster worth it.

It seems obvious that the Bills need to get a promising player at the sport’s most important position.  But the notion seemingly hasn’t occurred to them for awhile.

The franchise has invested too little in the one necessary opening for what was not coincidentally a long banishment.  Correlation does not mean causation, but it’s sure uncanny.  While finally squeaking in was a glorious change of pace, mediocrity behind center is statistically too challenging to overcome.

Also, it’s not to give up on a figurative savior quarterback’s rookie season.  We never know how it’ll go even after we spend summer months predicting.  Who expected a wild card during the most recent campaign?

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The dreamboat quarterback is unlikely to be there at 12th, much less 22nd.  It’s a far bigger risk to hope that the fifth quarterback taken will be the class’s best than it is to deal into the second spot.

Trying to get the best of both worlds means ending up with neither.  Reaching well into the first round is the true bad gamble, as it exponentially lowers the chance of hitting on a quarterback while wasting a pick that could be used on some non-throwing position.

Players like J.P. and EJ were sold to fans as good bargains.  We know the value of those deals.  Malt-O-Meal will never taste like name brand cereal even if you try to trick yourself by putting the Tootie Fruities bag in a Froot Loops box.

Sure, the franchise’s all-time quarterback went later than guessed.  But Jim Kelly at 14th is the exception.  Try matching the patient precedent for disappointment.  One of the countless repulsive things about Tom Brady is how he’s given credit to the delusion that there are Hall of Famers routinely hidden in depth picks.

This club will have the star to center their solar system if it’s audacious enough to change its gravitational pull.  The picks they send away will hurt.  But the rest of the Justice League doesn’t equal one Superman.

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A top quarterback can do more with less than an okay player can while surrounded by stars.  A risky trade for Sammy Watkins to help an underwhelming talent embodies the fruitlessness of the latter, as the one catching passes can only do so much.  The source must flow freely or those downstream will remain parched.

The Bills can’t keep putting off a big move at the sport’s most crucial position.  A cavity turns into a root canal if you keep postponing the dental visit.  Trading up is like drilling, as it’s unpleasant as it is necessary to smile healthily.

This year’s unusual concentration of potential passing superstars might tempt a general manager to pretend staying put means he’s doing his job.  But the staff must get particular hopeful they deem their man.  Settling won’t work unless they think there’s an anomaly scheduled.

Inadequate staffing efforts have plagued Buffalo’s century.  The opportunity to reverse that woeful trend will take a huge tradeoff that’s totally worth it.  They’ve tried to bring aboard everyone but the most important piece.  Chess is tough to win without a king.

The symphony can keep hiring temps to conduct and wonder why discordance is the standard sound.  Or, they can obtain a virtuoso with the potential to control tempo.  They’ve gone far too long without a leader capable of creating magnificent harmony.

Grabbing the franchise quarterback will only take sending away vital organs.  Who needs a pancreas?

Editor’s babble: Don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep my pancreas. No one but Anthony Bialy can find a reason to connect a pancreas to the Buffalo Bills. If you dare to, you can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy. 

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3 Replies to “Moving On Up As Buffalo Bills Seek to Draft Earlier”

  1. Bucky Brooks latest mock has the Bills staying put at 12 and taking Rudolph, while Mayfield goes a pick earlier to Miami. I’d like to smack Bucky in the head for suggesting such a thing…and I’d probably have to rage quit the Bills if they actually allowed such a scenario to play out. The draft needs to just hurry up and get here already!

    • Joma–totally agree!! The Path to the Draft and the Mock draft shows are off the charts and change every couple of days–Bucky Brooks (Ex-Bill) is past annoying… You know me over the years how much I enjoy the draft and run my yearly pool for the first round but I’m sick of the continual bombardment of these shows—enough already! By the time the draft is is here it will be anti-climatic…

  2. Anthony another funny excellent article, I look forward to your humor!!

    “Hoping one falls is like Ted’s trying to sell celery stalks in hot dog rolls.”—Classic

    So many fans are now saying hold the picks and build the team then bring in the QB. Hogwash this is the year of the QB and the Bills didn’t deal their assets to draft a LB at #12 or the 5th rated QB in the draft. The Giants hold the key to the draft and the Bills need to do what ever it takes to move up… Kelly retired in “96” and the Bills have tried everything to find a QB and it has failed and they also tried the approach of building a team first then find the QB –I’m tired of people saying the Ravens won with Dilfer-The Giants won with Hostetler–The Skins with Rypien–The Bucs with Johnson etc… Yea they weren’t elite but they are rare and other areas of those teams were so superior to other teams that they pulled off the victories…

    They need to swing to the fences and get Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen or Allen who ever they have on their board as the highest ranking QB… I’d rather them swing and miss then settle for the 5th or 6th best QB in the draft or waiting until the 3rd or lower to draft a QB…

    Next year they will have capital when all the dead money is gone from their salary cap to invest in top level Free Agents.