‘McBeane’ competence becoming increasingly evident after Tyrod Taylor trade

Photo of GM Brandon Beane and HC Sean McDermott from NewYorkUpstate.com.

After a couple of decades of mostly bad drafts, poor cap management and acquiring underachieving free agent talent, the Bills may have finally got it right by hiring ‘McBeane’. Last year we got a taste of what was to come when Sean McDermott’s fingerprints were evident all over the 2017 NFL Draft.

Soon we’ll get a chance to see how similar/dissimilar Brandon Beane is moving up and down the draft board to select players who will fit their character criteria. If recent maneuvers by Beane to acquire cornerback Vontae Davis, running back Chris Ivory and landing the first pick in the third round of the draft are any indication, the ‘McBeane’ era is going to be fun to watch.

Now the Bills have six picks in the first three rounds of the draft and you can bet McDermott and Beane are going to do some serious wheeling and dealing. Whether it results in them trading for quarterback Nick Foles or moving up in the draft and finding a veteran QB in free agency, it will keep BillsMafia guessing.

No where across social media did I even see one suggestion McBeane would land what is essentially a late 2nd round pick for Tyrod Taylor. But then these are the same guys who snapped up a second round pick AND EJ Gaines for wide receiver Sammy Watkins. In one move, they healed the scar from having burned two first round picks for Watkins in the first place.

Photo of WR Sammy Watkins from bleacherreport.com.

Thank you, McBeane.

Furthermore, this move trading Taylor to Cleveland is undoubtedly the beginning of a well defined plan to obtain quarterback X. Was it done to mortgage the farm to move up in the draft? Nick Foles? The intrigue around this issue makes for some great entertainment.

Hard to deny the deliberate and professional manner McBeane manages the front office. Everything about the way they do business displays a level of professionalism sorely lacking at One Bills Drive for many years. Now we get to see the fruits of their labor after having a year to get settled in the job.

For once it seems the Bills are being coached and managed by forward-thinking, creative people who clearly love their jobs. What I like most about McBeane is their conviction to their purpose. They know exactly who they are and what they believe will bring a championship to Buffalo.

Instead of that feeling of impending doom every year around draft time, there’s an air of confidence emanating out of One Bills Drive, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Super Bowl years. We’re not used to having confidence in the guys running the show.

Whatever path they take to secure the next starting quarterback for the Bills, we have enough evidence to know they will do their best to get it right. Giddyup.

Editor’s babble: Teddy Bridgewater, yes please. Oh, and GO #UBmenshoops #UBwomenshoops. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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15 Replies to “‘McBeane’ competence becoming increasingly evident after Tyrod Taylor trade”

  1. Thanks Robyn…

    To get a #3 pick and to unload TT’s contract not to mention the Bills didn’t have to pay the $6 million is remarkable..

    This administration so far has been hitting the right cords and I can’t wait to see this team in the next couple of years. They bring so much professionalism to the team that we haven’t seen since the Levy/Polian era. It is great to hear players like Davis and Ivory mention on how well they were treated and want to be part of the organization…

    I have to share this tidbit: I’ve been going back and forth with this guy on “Buffalo Bills Fans only” it amazes me on the thought process this person has…

    ” Peterman with the exception of one game against Clemson never won a goddamn game in College. I watched the NFL draft and nobody wanted him. I did some research and yes he and Brandon Beane went to college together and graduated at the same time and they were best friends. Frank Reich ended up becoming our starter because Jim Kelly couldn’t get the job done. It’s matter of fact Frank Reich is the one who got us to four Super Bowls because Jim Kelly couldn’t be bothered to do the f****** job. Peterman is nothing close to being anything close to a quarterback. The difference between Peterman and Losman is just the name. And we didn’t need to get rid of a quarterback to meet the salary cap. We didn’t need a pass-rusher. We don’t need new running backs. And our defensive line is just fine. Tyrod never struggled in the passing game. And if you really think that then you’re just as dense as every other person who wanted Tyrod gone.”

  2. Absolutely!
    This is the first day of the rest of our lives with the prospect of a new franchise QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got to go back and drink from the Cleveland well again for that number 4 pick!

    I sure hope Goose’s pen pal doesn’t have any children because they’d probably be locked in a cage somewhere. Holy schmokes!

  3. Some peeps just like creating “shock and awe” type comments that won’t dignify a response from me…..kinda like my teenage boys!! :)

  4. Yeah… I have to still I that’s a troll comment. I could have possibly been convinced that Mr. TinFoil Hat believed in a fraternal nepotism of sorts between Beane and Peterman (minus the part where Beane wasn’t the GM when we drafted him, but why ruin a good discussion with logic) but the “don’t need a pass rusher/D-line is fine” part… Nope. No one believes that.

    Wyo, of course we’re all either eternal optimists or Chicken Littles when it comes to Bills fans. No gray area here. I stand on the side of concurrence; “McBeane” has the ability and perhaps more important has a plan that extends beyond “this guy is pretty good, let’s get him.” We’ll see how much McDermott influenced the draft with Beane’s first go.

    Aside, my inner editor requires I mention that I believe you’re missing the word “up” near the beginning of your article: “Soon we’ll get a chance to see how similar/dissimilar Brandon Beane is moving (up) and down the draft board”

    • First of all, thanks for the edit. Hate when I miss catching those. Your comment about ‘eternal optimists’ and ‘chicken littles’ is right on. Very curious to see if there is a difference in the pattern of how they move around the draft board this year. I think we’ll see a similar pattern, perhaps even more aggression moving around the board. McD likely stepped carefully around Whaley because it was his first year.

  5. Good morning…

    “Your comment about ‘eternal optimists’ and ‘chicken littles’ is right on”

    I’ve been a fan since the early 60’s and it has always been that way… Look at how some fans are reacting to the TT trade it is like the sky is falling—Oh we only have Peterman as a QB, TT brought us to the playoffs, Beanie should be fired and it goes on and on… TT had his moments but his time in Buffalo ran it’s course it is time to move on whether it is a step backwards or not.. We have to have some patients with whoever ends up starting but fans have very little and were blinded by the fact the Bills made the playoffs…

    FA starts this week !!

  6. Other than for a QB, I hope the Bills do no moving up the draft board. Don’t like giving up picks to move up a few spots.

    • Agreed on this point! Mason Rudolph, Luke Falk and Mike White will all be available…….

  7. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally have people who have an actual plan on how to build a team. It’s also a breath of fresh air to see a GM/HC value the QB position a lot more than the previous Bills GM’s/HC’s. While I liked Taylor, he was very limited as a QB. We’ve seen him struggle against top defenses time and time again. In four games this season, Taylor led the Bills to three points per game, I’m sorry, but that’s nowhere near good enough for NFL standards.

    On WGR550, the morning show guys seem to think the Giants are going to try one last run with Eli Manning and might pass on a QB at #2. Howard and Jeremy think it’s possible the Browns will draft a RB at #1 and the Bills could make a deal to move up to #2 to grab a QB. I do like that idea, but cringe at what it would cost to move up that high. One thing is for sure, the Bills need an elite QB to compete with the evil empire (Patriots) twice a year, so it might be worth it to pony up the draft picks to make it happen.

  8. The Browns have a boatload of picks, maybe they pull a surprise like the Bears did last year and move from 4 to 2–draft the Barkely #1 and get their QB at #2. The Giants move back to 4 and get extra picks.

  9. If the Bills can do their two 1s, one 2, and one 3 to move up to the Giants, Colts, or Browns spot, I’d do it. If they can get one of the top two QBs (not named Allen) and still have a normal draft to boot, aka picks in every round like any other team, I’d call that a win.

  10. i would be all for the bills trading up as high as they could spending the following-

    1) their first round picks , one of them being the extra pick from the KC trade
    2) their extra second round pick
    3) a third round pick from 2019.

    under this scenario they would still have a typical draft in all rounds this season.and only forgo their extra picks. not really a bet the house kind of deal. they also have the opportunity to trade down in subsequent rounds to gain additional picks.

    definitely the most anticipated bills draft in a long, long time!