Getting Scores and Not Emotions Up for Buffalo Bills

If you’re going to be uninspired, at least be undisciplined.  Wait: that’s not it.  It’s a long game when a penalty taking away a perfect-strike touchdown is maybe the seventh-most devastating moment.  The Buffalo Bills now must overcome two tough home losses, including one against what might be New Jersey’s second-best team.  This club’s toughest opponent has been themselves.  At least they know their own weaknesses.

Observers can’t blame every hole the Giants funneled through on missing personnel.  Getting everyone healthy at once is as rare as the Super Blood Moon, a celestial event obscured by clouds, anyway.  Teams can’t count on perfect circumstances any more than they can expect to complete every pass or stop opposing quarterbacks from doing so.  Proficiency is fine if perfection is impossible.  The Bills can start with staying in their gaps or making tackles.  The simplicity of such goals is telling.  Losing self-control after doing something wrong only exacerbates the initial error.  If players are frustrated, they can imagine the feelings of those who can merely watch.

karlos giantsThe Bills won’t go anywhere while facing a wall.  Karlos Williams found reaching sunlight difficult without his Shady compliment.  His average yards per carry got close to normal in a tough way.  But it’s hard to emerge from the darkness when there’s no light visible.  We can hope there will be clearer lanes provided for the Boom and Boobie Backfield as Williams recovers.  Both lines found themselves where they shouldn’t be.  You can forget hoping to sneak out with a win if the other side’s grinders set the agenda, especially during the game where players decide to shove after the whistle to compensate for frustration before it.

One nagging injury can take away much of a short schedule.  LeSean McCoy wants to have both hamstrings equally healthy as much as you do, as he’s already been hampered for a noticeable chunk of his Bills career.  We wait forever for a schedule that disappears like a supernova.  There’s already a quarter of the season down, which is both bad and good news for a 2-2 team.  Buffalo still hasn’t seen their trade star at completely powered up.  Philadelphia is also hoping to repair the dinged star they got in return, as the legendary man for whom he was traded has only had a glimpse from field level.  As for now, the Bills and Eagles exchanged injuries.

Fulfilling assignments is the simplest way to maintain composure.  There’s no reason to rage outside of the game’s rules if players follow or fight through blocks.  Everyone’s disappointed when Sammy Watkins is unavailable, but nobody should let the weapon’s absence affect them.  If they have a better excuse for conducting themselves like an XFL team, I’d like to hear it.

Be pleased if things are sort-of okay.  Humans are almost never going to get pure circumstances in a vacuum with which to work.  It’s true from business to warfare and everything in between, including football.  The game’s ferocious nature involves dealing with overwhelming pain at best and checking to see if limbs are still attached following relatively severe collisions.  Present injury woes serve as a reminder of how hard it is to be healthy in this league, much less thrive.  Plans that rely on fractions of a second to beat other teams are a challenge to implement when it’s tough to walk.

odellIt’s a gift if everyone can be well, one that isn’t often appreciated until unavailable.  All fans can do is encourage players to eat their vegetables and chew Flintstones vitamins thoroughly.  Presume the suggestion has already been tweeted at your favorites.  The prospect of sound collective health may provide relief to those presently feeling flustered by another wayward contest.  Even with some bogus officiating calls, the Bills would’ve been disqualified for hitting below the belt if they were boxing. A twerp getting away with cheap shots doesn’t make raging okay.

Squads can’t wait for an empty injury report.  But recuperation can only help an agitated group.  While they can’t let the availability of any player define them, the Bills should be looking forward to a fully operational battle station. They should try to be the bad guys instead of just being bad.  Focused energy defends Death Stars regardless of what fictional movies claim about pesky attackers.  By contrast, it looked like there was a force field in front of the first-down line and then the end zone Sunday.  The power is in their hands if they want to abuse opponents instead of postseason hopes.

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Anthony Bialy recently moved back to Buffalo from New York City and acts like he never left. He thinks "Buffalo 66" is biographical and considers it a crime against mankind that Steve Tasker is not in the Hall of Fame. He likes getting Tim Hortons on the way to get Labatt Blue. Follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyBialy.