Breaking Down the Best Plays of the Buffalo Bills 2012 Season: Week Seven

The Buffalo Bills 2012 season was rough to endure as a fan, but there were still many memorable moments. With over a month until training camp begins, we decided to go back and review the best play the Bills made in every game last year.


Following an emotional victory over the Arizona Cardinals, in which we reviewed Jairus Byrd’s game-sealing interception at the end of the fourth quarter, the Buffalo Bills took on the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans game was another nail-biter, as teams traded touchdowns and field goals throughout all four quarters, but the Bills eventually were defeated by a last second Matt Hasselback touchdown pass to Nate Washington with 1:03 remaining in the fourth quarter.

But what was the best play the Bills executed during the game? Stevie Johnson’s 27-yard touchdown reception at the conclusion of the third quarter made the cut. But how exactly did it happen? Let’s find out!


The Buffalo Bills are lined up in their typical shotgun, four wide receiver set. C.J. Spiller is split out wide in the slot, but is motioned back to block for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Stevie Johnson is isolated on the short side of the field, lined up against Titans’ cornerback Jason McCourty.

The Titans are in nickel personnel with four defensive linemen, three linebackers, three cornerbacks and a safety.


Following the snap, Stevie Johnson releases off the line of scrimmage. Spiller goes to Fitzpatrick’s left and cut blocks the Titans’ right defensive end, preventing a pressure or a sack, giving him more time to view the field. Titans’ safety Jordan Babineaux travels down to the middle zone, leaving no help for McCourty.

Johnson sees this and quickly cuts inside, giving him leverage against his lone opponent, Jason McCourty.


Ryan Fitzpatrick throws a quick strike, hitting Johnson in stride. Without safety help, Stevie has a clear path to the end zone, and puts the Bills up 34-28 at the end of the third quarter.





Stay tuned for Week 9’s Best Play of the Buffalo Bills 2012 Season when we highlight the Houston Texans game!